Crossing the Divide Snapchat Takeover

I was the video fellow for a fellowship called Crossing the Divide. A cross country reporting trip from Massachusetts to California covering issues that divide us and telling stories that unite us. The fellowship was sponsored by the flagship PBS station, WGBH, and a non-profit called the Ground Truth Project. As the video fellow, I was responsible for making 5 videos at each of our locations in Massachusetts, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, and California. But on top of that, I was also hosting our Snapchat handle, giving viewers a behind the scene of how video journalism is made. Here are some of my highest performing snaps:

Mahlia describes what it's like to be a one woman band.

Mahlia, the video fellow, tries to navigate New England Public Radio station. 

The Crossing the Divide team loads up the van to leave Pikeville, KY and makes a stop at cave. 

Thanks to public transportation, Mahlia goes on a mission to save the California story.